02 April 2012


I've been liking the new hairstyles I've seen on this seasons menswear runways and ad campaigns.
The only hairstyle that's not my favorite is the "Rockbilly hairstyle" it's too messy for my taste, and the "Indie hairstyle" i feel like i have that one now.
My two favorites from the 4 looks are the "Slicked back undercut" and the "Men's quiff".
I feel like the "Slicked back undercut" is easy to manage, and it looks chic and sophisticated with out any hassle.
I like the "Men's quiff" as well but i think it's too much of a hassle!
And besides, can you imagine me walking around town looking like Elvis Presley?

1 comment:

  1. Whoever made the main image clearly has no idea what rockabilly is in any way at all.. Couldn't get a further away from rockabilly look if you tried.. For 'rockabilly look' look at the people at events like the Rockabilly Rave!